valuation services offered

  • ESOPs
  • SBA business acquisition loans
  • business succession planning
  • estate and gift tax
  • merger/acquisition advisory
  • fairness opinions
  • partnership interests
  • divestitures
  • buy/sell agreements
  • shareholder buyouts
  • management buy-in/buy-out
  • management performance analysis
  • value enhancement consulting
  • strategic planning
  • corporate reorganizations and restructurings
  • debt or equity financing
  • transfer pricing
  • net operating loss limitations
  • charitable contributions
  • Monte Carlo forecasting and optimization simulations
  • deal structuring
  • business plans/projections
  • compensation studies
  • purchase price allocations (ASC 805 and IRC 1060)
  • goodwill impairment studies (ASC 350)
  • fair value measurements (ASC 820)
  • stock-based compensation and options (IRC 409A and ASC 718)
  • valuation of derivatives and embedded derivatives (ASC 360)
  • marital dissolution
  • shareholder suits
  • commercial litigation
  • IRS litigation
  • lost profits/economic damages
  • intellectual property rights infringement and reasonable royalty rates

Regardless of your particular need for valuation services, whether it is for succession planning through the outright sale or gifting of shares, estate planning, marital dissolution or other litigation, compliance with the ERISA requirements of an annual ESOP valuation, or compliance with financial reporting requirements, we are here to help with all of the above and are only a phone call away.  I will be happy to personally answer any questions you have regarding data/documentation requirements, timeline, valuation and/or litigation support fees, and my professional background and expertise in the valuation of insurance agencies and brokerages.  Once we have discussed and clarified your specific need for my services, I will then be able to verbally quote you a fee, which I will then submit to you in the form of a signed written agreement.  Bear in mind that if you anticipate the need for my services in the near future, the professional financial valuation of a privately-held insurance agency or brokerage does not happen overnight.  It is a labor and time intensive process that involves the gathering of a significant amount of financial data and other key information on your agency, which is critical to providing you with an exceptionally high quality work product that is exactly what you need; and delivering in a timely manner a final work product that is in full compliance with all applicable valuation standards and guidelines regarding your specific type of valuation.  I look forward to working with you and learning about your unique insurance agency.  Thank you.       


Expert Insurance Agency & Brokerage Appraisal



business valuation services overview

Financial valuations for taxes, transactions, litigation, financial reporting, perpetuation, estate/gift tax planning and strategic consulting.  Our clients represent a diverse mix of insurance distribution, administration, technology-related businesses, underwriting, and risk management:

  • Property/casualty retail brokers
  • Life/health retail brokers
  • Managing general agencies
  • Wholesale brokers
  • Premium finance companies
  • Insurance technology and related software firms
  • Pension, outsourcing and claims administrators
  • Insurance and reinsurance underwriters

All work is prepared in full compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) promulgated by the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB), and business appraisal guidelines and standards established by NACVA, IRS(RR 59-60), SBA, ERISA, ASA, AICPA(SSVS-1), and IBA.

We have extensive experience working closely with insurance industry professionals and their advisors; including CEOs, CFOs, CPAs, agency owners, attorneys, investment banks, commercial banks, wealth management firms, private equity groups, venture capital firms, commercial lenders, business brokers, estate planners and financial advisors. 

All fees are determined on a case by case basis and are always quite fair and reasonable given the scope and purpose of the engagement.